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    Things to do in Denbighshire

    If you are interested in outdoor photography in Denbighshire or Flintshire, here is a list of links to special places to visit and outdoors / nature related events in Denbighshire, Flintshire, the Vale of Clwyd and the Clwydian hill range:



    A superb set of interactive booklets featuring special places in Denbighshire. If you are in Denighshire with a camera, or looking for places to visit, this is a superb overview.


    The official website for the Clwydian hillforts – find history and events focused around the Clwydian hill range.


    The official website for the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Visitor information, walking routes and links to events centred around the area.

    Flintshire countryside events

    Flintshire County Council’s countryside events – many of which are free.


    Denbighshire County Council’s website dedicated countryside interpretation and countryside events.


    Explore the remote and less frequented high moorland wilderness of Hiraethog, between the vale of Clwyd and Snowdonia. Some wonderful remote walking with views into Snowdonia. The ever changing light over the moors makes this a great place to get lost with a camera for a few hours.


    The Snowdonia Society are dedicated to the conservation and public interpretation of Snowdonia. See the events list for interesting events around the National park.


    One of Denbighshire’s hidden gems. Escape to the wild on a bushcraft course, or learn how people the local woodcrafts people relied on in North Wales.


    A more well-know gem of Denbighshire. Stepping into Ruthin Craft Centre is like walking into a best-of-class contemporary craft and arts centre in any big city. An ever changing set of exhibitions and room full of information dedicated to what’s on in North Wales.