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    20th Febuary 2008

    Colin Down on ‘McMoab’ rock garden, Kirroughtree, 7stanes. The bike trail actually goes up this ridge of rock away from the camera position, then drops down steeply to the right of Colin. Not for the faint-hearted.

    This is actually photo taken at the weekend, but since it took some image editing today, I figured it would be ok to use this as todays entry, just this once…


2 Responses to “20th Febuary 2008”

  1. Hyde DP says:

    good luck with your photoblog – some nice pics of the Solway Firth – posting daily is hard enough but shooting daily is a bigger challange.

    Came across you on photoblogs.org

  2. Every Photo Tells A Story says:

    David – I’m attempting to through your journal of images :) Not sure if a book is in the works, but this is one of the images that would be great on the cover.

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