1. 26

    26th April 2008

    Walls of snow. Haugastøl

    The roads here are quite an adventure in themselves. When the wind blows snow onto the roads, you have to wait for a passing snowplow and get in line behind it for the journey to base.

    Today it snowed all day, and the wind got up to about 25mph at times. It was a rollercoaster ride snowkiting in whiteout conditions, where moving the kite slightly too quickly was sure to produce involuntary airtime for the rider. We all learned a lot today, and came home exhausted and happy.

    You might have noticed that there is a lack of snowkiting action shots here. So far we have had only a few days where the wind has been good enough, and only for some of the day, to snowkite at all. The idea running for a camera instead of a kite in these situations seems way beyond the call duty for at present! You can either take my word that there are people spinning around in the air, flying down snowy hillsides and generally looking like masters of this fledgling sport, or see the daily uploads the trip organisers are adding to their website [here].


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