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    A cute portrait

    Taken at a rather bizarre medieval camp reenactment we accidentally stumbled into. I am quite please we did now… Thanks for letting me take your picture, and Mom, get in touch for a copy!
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4 Responses to “A cute portrait”

  1. Me says:

    Rather Vermeerish in light quality – I like it a great deal.

  2. Karalee Kuchar says:

    I love this photo!! The coloring is perfect. Thanks for taking a look at my photos! You’re not doing so bad yourself!

  3. Jade says:

    She looks so cute and innocent and she has such beautiful eyes.

    What is the background? it’s black but it also has tints of green I’m stumped. :)

  4. David White says:

    I used my funky light pen (graphics tablet) to make her eyes more electric.

    I asked her her mom to have her stand just in front of some shady pine trees to get the background to almost drop to black. I like this shot, apart from the sun had burned her hat to white with no detail, which spoils an otherwise really vibey shot. Must do more!

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