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    A photo a day – end of month one

    Findings so far. A photo a day project tends to force one to react to the environment and not have time to scope out new locations and go back at the right time/light. Its more just a case of picking a loose idea/area and getting usable every day.

    This is fine for now, I am learning all the time, already finding courage to ask people if I can take their picture, which is rewarding, and certainly, from my perspective at least is leading to more interesting shots that still-life and portrait shots.

    I did set out with this thinking it would be a pure nature/landscape/environment project, but I am seeing already that limiting the subject matter to one theme is too limiting when shooting every day.

    I can see to make a pleasing fine art project though, a project needs to be more focused on a specific concept, be it the subject matter, photographic style or the artistic treatment of the images in post processing, with more time to consider themes and ideas. These images become disjointed as a whole when shooting over a wide subject matter, and every day.


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