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    I wonder how transient such stylised photography is? It’s so temping when looking at a straight rendition of a portrait shot next to something stylised like this, tweaked for high-contrast and de-saturated colour, to be drawn to the ‘sheer f**k off-ness’* of the latter. Looking back in a year or two though, will this image scream 2008 styling and the handsome Mr Cranwell take second place? In funky 1970’s magazines I have found in charity shops, it almost looked like soft focus and star-effect filters were fashionable. Probably best to stop thinking about it and go take some pictures.

    *Apologies for implying swear-words on a photography blog, in my defense though, it’s a quote from the rather good film Sexy Beast.

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  1. Me says:

    It is a good question – still sometimes, it is fun to play, isn’t it?

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