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Fisherman’s Blues

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

I would need to search deeper into my psyche than I care to tread this lunchtime, looking for an answer to where this idea came from, and more alarmingly why I carried it through. I should write something meaningful about depleting fish stocks or UK fish quotas. All I really know is that the fishmongers is definitely not going to route through their bins finding fish heads for a 3rd time. This shot was taken in the barn below.

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Campsite cooking

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

I really wanted to find that magical relaxed beach weekend that Fat Face, Toast, Howies, Whitestuff and the other lifestyle brands would have you believe you will begin to experience as soon as you slip inside their clothing; sunny walks on the coast, surfing, fishing, wave swimming with friends, barbequing fish on the beach. We headed for Aberdovey in Wales to seek out the endless summer dream, and even booked on a sea fishing boat in anticipation of cooking fresh mackerel around the beach fire. The bank holiday forecast didn’t look good though, with 50mph winds and heavy rain lined up. The forecast came good, the fishing boats stayed firmly moored up for the weekend. We did manage the outdoor fish cooking experience though, and found a great little campsite just inland of Aberdovey. Nearly there…