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Clunkers Bash

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

These inventive chaps turned up a party celebrating of the history of mountain biking (The Klunkers Bash) with a prototype pick-up truck Jacuzzi. It needed a couple of week’s hard work, two generators and a lot of silicone sealant to turn the back of their truck into a watertight open-air Jacuzzi. These images show them in their moment of glory when it briefly worked. It shinned for five minutes, until the site owners told them to turn off the generators or leave the event. The water never did get above 8 degrees centigrade. I say support the underdog, their inventive outdoor water feature should be an official part of the event next year.

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Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Mountain bikers often times take themselves pretty seriously. There’s the expensive bikes, the tight leggings stretched over rippling thighs, the layers of technical performance fabrics, the hard-won fitness, the sizing-up of other riders, the unwritten competition. Occasionally though, someone comes along and laughs in the face of all that. Here’s to that man!