Workshop details

Learning Objectives

All custom photography workshops are directly tailored to the needs of the individual or group commissioning the session. The workshops are usually very focused on educating the participants based on pre-arranged objectives, be it creative development, technical camera skills, landscape composition, working with people or photography software training.

Workshop Locations

Bespoke photography workshops are held all over North Wales and North West England, where David will work with you to establish the best location(s) to match your specific requirements.

Workshop dates

Custom workshops are usually held during the week where natural photographic locations are quieter.


Custom workshop costs vary based on workshop duration, group size, location, and preparation required. I offer an entry-level gift voucher for custom workshops at £80, which buys 1/2 day custom session from David’s base near Ruthin in North Wales. A full-day one-to-one course with pre-session disucssion and customised content/locations £190.00


Participants always prefer to talk to David about workshop content, suitability for their needs and date options before booking. With this in mind please contact me to book your place.