lightroom training

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the software package many keen photographers turn to when they start getting serious about their photography. The move to a dedicated ‘digital darkroom’ is often driven by the need to organise an ever-growing library of images and often to facilitate the switch from shooting JPEG to the power of RAW digital photography.

If you are thinking of making the move to a digital darkroom, or need to learn to work more productively in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, these one-to-one workshop sessions will teach you how to work quickly and effectively in Adobe Photohshop Lightroom; resulting in fantastic images and leaving you more time to get out and take photographs.

This custom workshop is suitable for all levels of ability – the level of complexity and detail is modified suit the requirements of the participants enrolled. Maximum two participants.

Learning Objectives

  • The benefits use Adobe Lightroom and the RAW format
  • An optimum Lightroom workflow – keeping organized from import to export
  • Developing RAW digital negatives in Lightroom
  • How to make stunning creative images without leaving Lightroom
  • Publishing to Flickr, Facebook, Blog, Web gallery, slideshows, directly from Lightroom
  • Preparing your images for professional printing

Workshop Locations

Lightroom training sessions are held at David’s studio near Ruthin, North Wales.

Workshop dates

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom training workshops are carried out on a one-2-one basis. Please contact me to arrange date and time.


£90 (4 hours one-to-one), £180 (full day one-to-one). Group discounts offered. Maximum two participants.


Participants always prefer to talk to David about workshop content, suitability for their needs and date options before booking. With this in mind please contact me to book your place.